Laura Flanders and Friends

Award winning host, author and journalist Laura Flanders interviews forward-thinking people from the world of politics, business, culture and social movements. The show explores actionable models for creating a better world by reporting on the people and movements driving systemic change. We spotlight the solutions of tomorrow, today. The show airs on PBS stations in over 200+ US markets, and airs on 50+ community radio stations, and is available on YouTube and here as a podcast. Online subscribers receive lots of video and audio web exclusives. Recent specials include "Indigenous People's Power", "James Baldwin: Lessons for the US", "Building Public Trust for Public Health", "Countering the Coup From the Grassroots Up". Recent special guests include Representative Karen Bass, environmental activist Jane Fonda, economist Robert Reich, author/activist Naomi Klein, agrarian reformer Shirley Sherrod, novelist Arundhati Roy, economist Michael Hudson and ’Next System” theorist Gar Alperovitz.